About our Expertise 

Life Sciences.  For each new medical therapy released to the benefit of patients, one to several decades of research have been necessary, and many promiseful approaches have been discontinued from early stage to late clinical. The industry, its life cycle and business model, from discovery to market stage is our everyday area of expertise.

From R&D Project to Strategy valuation. Valuation is a decision-enabling tool to value R&D projects, pipelines or a companies along their life cycle. Beyond the area of research and its market potential, the patents & know-how (IP) protection, the strategy from R&D to monetisation as well as the ability to finance all those are key parameters.

For all Players all along the Value Chain. Academics, tech-transfer offices, biotech & medtech companies, investment funds, auditors, lawyers, tax advisors, M&A, licensing and financial services advisors request our valuation services and life sciences expertise.

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication. A valuation work is a basis for decision-making and communication. Case by case we assess and select the valuation methodology and the value drivers to fit our clients operationnal need. A tailor-made approach to focus on the essence.




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Some of our Recent Missions

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Term Sheet Assessment

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